Agnus de Đrægonia

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Agnus II
His Imperial Majesty
38th Emperor of Rolance
ReignEva. 12, 1319 – Present
CoronationFro. 21, 1319
PredecessorAvercee III
BornAgnus Lucifer Đrægonia
Harv. 19, 1292 (a.65)
SpouseElize of Suraga
IssueLogan de Đrægonia, Liliana de Đrægonia, Donovan de Đrægonia, Camelia de Đrægonia
Dynasty Đrægonia
FatherAvercee iii Dragonia
MotherAnnabelle of Zestel

Agnus de Đrægonia II of Rolance, or simply Emperor Agnus II (born; Harv. 19, 1292 M.Y.) is the current sovereign of Rolance; born the heir presumptive of late-emperor Avercee III. Agnus reigns as the 38th sovereign of Rolance, representing the 22nd generation of the Đrægonia Dynasty which had reigned over Rolance since it's establishment. Under Agnus' reign, Rolance has seen quite the boom in its economy and military might over the past 3 decades.

Early Life

Born as Agnus Lucifer Đrægonia on Harv. 19, 1292 M.Y. at the Empyrean Palace, as the firstborn son of Avercee III of the esteemed & long-reigning House of Đrægonia. Agnus was born into a life of power and influence in the world, and as such as every destined monarch, he was groomed to be. From first-rate tutors to personal trainers from the Platinum Knights.

As come practice in Cyranian culture, Agnus upon his coming of age (the age of 15); His father Avercee III announced his betrothal to one of the emperor's aid's daughter, Elize of Suraga. Agnus was personally skeptical that he would be married off to his father's mere foot-servant's daughter; which would lead to a bitter relationship with his soon to be wife and queen upon his ascension to the throne. As most arranged marriages are, the couple would soon come to an understanding, which Elize & Agnus would suffice to and start fresh... Some would call it bitter-sweet while Agnus would call it a misconception on his half.


Upon Emperor Avercee III's death, Agnus the firstborn of his father would immediately succeed his father as the Emperor of Rolance. However, the day of ascension would spark of a family feud. And the results would be the exile and relinquishment of his siblings' titles & claims for dissenting against the crown. The first 100 days of Agnus' reign would revolve around massive reform of his father's 'ineffective' government which establish one of the first crowned republics in Mobius. Which would amount to tension among the less nobility, who earned their positions through merit and wealth, while mere commoner could be 'elected' to a position of power.



For & Against

For: Laphicetian Orthodox, Enlightened Monarchism, Militarism, Neomercantilism, Democracy
Neutral: Interventionism, Secularism, Multiculturalism, Imperialism, Magic Council
Against: Corruption, Anarchism, Incompetency, Libertarianism, Interventionism


Titles & Honors


  • Agnus towers at the height of 6' 3" / 192cm, weighing approximately 182lbs / 82.6kg
  • Agnus inherits the regal name of his great-grandfather Agnus Voratel Dragonia