Akagi Taeko

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Akagi Taeko (赤城妙子)
Her Majesty
Akagi Taeko 1.jpg
Empress of Kitsuneki
Hereditary1340 - Incumbent (17 years)
PredecessorHidetada Akagi
RegentSuzume Akagi
BornGelid, 25th, 1312 (a.45)
Kitsarawu, Kitsuneki
SpouseTasuku Akagi
IssueAkagi Suzume
HouseSakura [House of Akagi]
FatherHidetada Akagi (赤城秀忠)
MotherKama Akagi (赤木かま)

"I do not know what every person wants, so I leave it up to those who knows them better." - Empress Akagi Taeko

Personal Information

Akagi Taeko was born on Gelid, 25th of 1312 in the Akagi Palace in the capital of Kitsuneki, Kitsarawu. When she became 6, she started school and was fond of drawing and creating art. She had studied great artists and when she was 12 her mother went to the market and bought a lot of canvas and paint for her drawings, she was very happy when she received them, Taeko's father taught her to play the flute every evening, which she enjoyed and got into. In 1331, when she was 17 years old she married Akagi Tasuku, who was a cousin living in another palace in Karito, she decided to go study in the University of Karito where she entered at the age of 18. She got her arts degree in 1332, her music degree in 1336, though her mother died on Hearth, 30th of 1336. Which she then became emotional. She pulled herself through the suffering and decided to express her emotions by painting and playing music. On 1337 she went back to University of Karito to go into literature. She had to postpone it since her father died on Evanence, 12th, 1340, after her fathers funeral she then got inaugurated and became Emperess of Kitsuneki. She again became deeply emotional and had became depressed, her husband, Tasuku, had comforted her during those tough times. She resumed to earn her degree in literature and began on 1341, she earned her literacy degree in 1342 and then moved back to the Akagi Palace in Kitsarawu to become a symbol to the people. She then had a child with Akagi Tasuku, her spouse. The child though was a girl but it didn't matter to them that much, they named the child Akagi Suzume.


She didn't really take much interest in politics or leading the country but she is known for supporting democracy, transparency of the government and improve life in Kitsuneki.


  • Democratic elections and parties

Kitsuneki isn't a nation with one race or one ideology, it is made of many Kemonomimi's with different beliefs. In order for people to feel equal and safe, we must guarantee them the right to make parties and the right to vote for parties that be trusted to lead our nation.

  • Government Transparency

If we allow common people to rule the nation we must ensure that they were not influenced by a third party or a foreign nation. And we must ensure their records are clean so that they won't commit any devious plans.

  • Kemonomimi development

We must finance education, healthcare and ensure everyone gets paid to live a better life, education is what makes the people of tomorrow leaders, healthcare protects our people from suffering, welfare and income ensures that our people are above the poverty line.

For & Against

For: Democracy, Globalization, Multi-Culturalism, State-Shinto, Immigration, Individualism
Neutral: Militarism, Weapons manufacturing, Free Market, Authoritative
Against: Imperialism, Corruption, Isolationists

Titles & Honors


“Only the divine can help us guide through the mists of the future”

“A Nation is nothing without its people”