Lai Renxiang

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Lai Renxiang
Her Divine Majesty
43rd Empress of Chun-Nan
Reign1345 M.Y.
CoronationRadi 7, 1345 M.Y.
PredecessorLai Zhang
ChancellorShang Yue
BornSer. 18, 1332 M.Y. (a.25)
FatherLai Zhang
MotherYating Song

Lai Renxiang (赖仁祥) of Chun-Nan, or simply Empress Renxiang (born; Ser. 18, 1332 M.Y.) is the apparent Avatar of the Empyrean Phoenix and Matriarch of the Chun-Lai Dynasty, otherwise known as the Empress of Chun Nan. Her accession to the Empyrean Throne was a mishap, by fault of her father, Late-Emperor Lai Zhang's assassination by the opposition in the attempt to usurp the throne. In spite of her young age, Renxiang's late-father was aware of his coming demise and assigned his most loyal ministers to serve as regent & advisor during her age of adolescence.