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The Republic of New Malinty

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Motto: "The Revolution will shake the world!"

Malinty's location in Mobius

Malinty provinces
and Largest City
Official languagesMalin
Recognised national languagesMalin
Recognised regional languagesMalin
Ethnic groups
90% Malintyian
10% others
GovernmentPresidential Totalitarian Democracy
• Mr.President
Salazar Marsyon
• Grand Commissioner
Voxan Maliabertis
• General secretary
Reliston Carlatun
• Malwa Community
• Great Malinty Empire
• Malinty Kingdom M.Y.
• The Republic of New Malinty
• Current constitution
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• time census
Currencylinions (I)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
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General information

The Republic of New Malinty is a democratic republic that is in a state of transition after the official end of a long civil war carried out by the Revolutionary League and the Royal Order that broke out in the country 22 years ago, the victorious army of the revolutionaries are stronger than ever in their history, the government managed to stabilize the country thanks to the iron hand of the president and the help of the commissioners of Jifin.

New Malinty is located in the southeast area of Acalas, being the largest and oldest country in the area, from the Malwa tribes to New Malinty, the country's culture is predominant in the area thanks to the vast territories that the empire I take in the past, now after years of oppression the people of Malinty have freed themselves from the yoke of the monarchs to achieve the rights that were denied for so many years.

The government is full of intellectuals who raised the masses against the king, now the economic development that is left in a deplorable state by the war is promoted, thanks to the fertile territory of Malinty there were no ambrunas throughout the country


Malinty's history starts from the beginning of the history of modern societies, The Malwan community was the first society that shares culture and principles of what Malinty would later be, centuries would pass until the emergence of a civilized empire that would leave its Malwan identity to transform it into Malinty, this empire quickly expanded to the east taking the entire coast In addition to developing very advanced magical knowledge that was finally lost after the fall of the empire, years of separatism continued after the end of the empire until one of the divided kingdoms occupied central areas of the empire and resumed Malinty's name to legitimize the heritage of the ancient empire

The kingdom of Malinty ruled with peace for many years but after years the royal family was increasingly corrupt and miserable that they had no value, noble of little power and bourgeois became the intellectual opposition to the king, these intellectuals went to the town of Malinty who was ignorant of the crimes of the king, years of propagation of ideals passed to the point where the population took up arms against the king, being the beginning of the civil war.

The war was slow and leisurely, the fighting used to take place in the same places and nowhere was able to strike a decisive blow, this continued until the revolutionaries used better weapons technologies crushing old knights elites, finally the king was killed by an explosion and the Remains of armies loyal to the king fought in guerrillas extending the war many more years, finally the last resistance fell being the official end of the war.


Malinty's economy before the civil war was not very developed and the necessary infrastructure was never built, the wealth of the nation ended up in the hands of the nobles and some bourgeois of great influence. After the first years of the civil war the economy was desolate, the revolutionary government itself had to focus on the war to be able to build all the necessary infrastructure to maintain the war efforts in addition to supporting a rapid industrialization model for the development of warlike weapons. able to cause the fall of the real side.

 This social and infrastructure changes left Malinty with a constant war economy, the state owns all the means of production of the country and the high members of the party monitor the economic activities of the few companies not controlled by the government.

Now Malinty has a solid economy dedicated to industrial production, technological development, construction and human development. The goal of total economic independence is pursued if you do not have to have a foreigner, education is one of the most developed sectors of the country, this is due to the nature of the members of the government since they are all parts of an old intellectual elite