Laurentius II

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Lawrence II
His Imperial Majesty
1st Emperor of Sol-Nippon
ImperialhoodHarv. 8, 1346 – Present
King of Soleanna
Reign1342 – Present
CoronationGale. 17, 1342
PredecessorElise III
ViceroyRegenar vi Excalius
BornMed. 21, 1319 (a.38)
SpouseMizuki Mogami
IssueReina, Alban, Luciliana
FatherAnthony VI
MotherElise III

Emperor Laurentius II of House Solterra, or simply Lawrence II (born, Med. 21, 1319 M.Y.) is a noble hero among others and sovereign of the Sol-Nipponese Empire, ruling in matrimony with Mizuki of House Mogami. Prior to his Imperialhood as Emperor, Lawrence ruled of over the Kingdom of Soleanna, leading it into a new era which would establish the Sol-Nipponese Empire, the merger between the Kingdom Soleanna and the Empire of Nippon, establishing Sol-Nippon as a superpower capable of rivaling the two great empires of Chun-Nan and Rolance.

Over Lawrence's decade long rule with his beloved wife, they've conceived 3 children securing heirs to their newfound empire while sealing the deal to a complete merger of the Empire from what would have just been a dual monarchy. With settling down, Lawrence had lightened up from his dreaded past with the death of his family and the bloodbath of a civil war, and ultimately retired from his adventurous endeavors.

Early Life

Lawrence conceived on the 21st of Medial in the year 1319 M.Y., during the reign of his maternal grandfather Grand Duke Vincent I. His mother, Elise of Soleanna was the firstborn and only child of Vincent I, making her the heir presumptive, making Lawrence the second in line to succession, followed by his two younger siblings who would come along. Upon turning the age of 5, Lawrence was enlightened by the Orthodox Church of Solaris, and was granted his title of royalty as "His Royal Highness, Prince Lawrence". At the age of 8, Lawrence's grandfather Vincent I fell terminally ill, making him abdicate the throne early; Thus crowning Elise as Grand Duchess (Princess, in other cases) of Soleanna. In turn, made Lawrence Crown Prince and heir presumptive under the reign of his mother, with his younger brother Henry, and sister Hailey being second and third in line.

Being the Crown Prince, Lawrence was put in the spotlight and had a lot of weight on his shoulder. The following months since the coronation of his mother, Vincent I had passed away leaving the Palace & Soleanna in a time of mourning... Forwarding 7 years later, Lawrence had come of age, however unlike most nobles who end up being engaged. Lawrence had shed off trivials of marriage and enlisted himself in the Grancrest Military Academy, where he would meet his brother in arms, best friend, and most trusted adviser in the future, Regenar of House Excalius. Over the course of their 4-year military academy tuition, Lawrence and Regenar would graduate at the top of their class with full honors.


Three Years prior to Lawrence's Coronation as King of Soleanna, he would meet his future wife and queen Mizuki of Nippon, at the time was Crown Princess as he was Crown Prince of Soleanna. They were introduced to one another during a state visit with his mother Elise III. Which would have resulted in a courtship that would last several months, exchanging letters and meeting on special occasions in privacy. However, this would come to a pause upon the death of Lawrence's immediate family and the spark of the civil war. Though he would still remain in contact with her vowing that he would propose to her upon his coronation, in which he would in his successfulness in restoring the crown of Soleanna.

At the time of their engagement, Mizuki was 21 and Lawrence was 23, both presumptive heirs to a throne making them quite the eligible individuals. Their engagement would last about 2 years and the year prior; Mizuki would be Crowned as Empress of Nippon, which would spark concern among both their respective nations in marrying a foreign monarch and how things would settle in terms of policy and trade. These concerns would result in the proposed merger of Soleanna & Nippon as Sol-Nippon upon their wedding on the 16th of Sera, in the year 1344. Following their marriage, Mizuki would conceive 3 children, with Reine being the born first in 1348, Alban (Albanus) in 1352, and Lucilia (Luciliana) in 1354.




For & Against

For: Absolutism, Nationalism, Militarism, Statism (Political), Meritocracy, Direct Action
Neutral: Interventionism, Secularism, Multiculturalism, Imperialism, Magic Council
Against: Democracy, Corruption, Anarchy, Communism, Incompetency, Libertarianism

Titles & Honors

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  • Lawrence towers at a height of 5' 11" / Roughly 183cm, weighing an approx. of 167lbs / 76kg.
  • From the Magic Council Census, Lawrence was ranked 3rd alongside his spouse as one of the most powerful leaders.