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|established_event3          = Suraga-addendum
|established_event3          = Suraga-addendum
|established_date3          = 343 M.Y.
|established_date3          = 343 M.Y.
|established_event4          = Imperial Enactment
|established_event4          = Imperial Unification
|established_date4          = 709 M.Y.
|established_date4          = 709 M.Y.
|established_event5          = Mathia Treaty
|established_event5          = Mathia Treaty

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Imperial Seal
"The Dragon Throne"
and Largest City
Official languagesRolithic
Recognised national languagesRolithic
GovernmentCrowned Republic, functionally Absolute Monarchy
• Emperor
Agnus II
• Prince-Regent
Logan de Đrægonia
LegislatureImperial Senate
• Pendrago Settlement
44 M.Y
• Kingdom of Atalus
119 M.Y.
• Suraga-addendum
343 M.Y.
• Imperial Unification
709 M.Y.
• Mathia Treaty
984 M.Y.
• Scarlet Concordat
1167 M.Y.
• 1357 M.Y. estimate
• 1345 M.Y. census
very high
CurrencyRanc (R)
Time zoneUTC+8 to +10 (GWS)
Driving sideright

The Empire of Rolance (Rō-lance), Commonly known as Rolance, is the prevalent empire of the Cyranian Continent, located in centermost region of the continent, whilst bordering the of The Kingdom of Hyland to the north. Apart from this, Rolance's central location in Cyrus makes itself an undisputed hub for trade domestic and foreign in the region.

The Empire establishes itself as a Crowned Republic, yet functionally an absolute monarchy; which is also the oldest standing monarchy in the world. The reigning monarch is Emperor Agnus II, however, incapacitated; which by the law of the empire, transfers the Imperial Power to the Crowned heir who reigns in the Emperor's absence as Prince-Regent Logan.

Rolance consists of 9 Provinces: Merdia, Persius, Maeve, Pleucur, Artima, Calenti, Leonus, Atalus, Vestius. Each province reigns autonomously and is presided over by a Premier which translates into the rank of Duke/Duchess. However, abide by the Imperial Law, which is legislated by the Imperial Senate, which each province appoints 3 officiants to serve apart in.


The name 'Rolance' is a portmanteau, with 'Ro' meaning 'Low', and 'Lance' meaning 'Point'. Thus, the combining of the two roots in translation, forms the word, Rolance (Low Point). The oddness of the portmanteau it may be. The word Rolance, in practice, sounds much befitting without the breaking of its roots. Commonly, Rolance denotes the Empire, whilst the term 'Rolancent' refers to its inhabitants.



With the Death of Augustus I in, his son who took the regal name of Augustus II proclaimed the Imperial Enactment of Unified Provinces: Which laid the foundation of establishing the Empire of Rolance as the first decree as King of Atalus; which inheritly declared war against the neighboring kingdoms who opposed his decree: Merdia, Persius, Maeve, Artima, Calenti, and Vestius. Pleucur and Leonus joined the enactment as it proved beneficial to establish a unified realm.

Unification Campaign

With backing of Pleucur and Leonus,